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360° omnidirectionalenterprise brandconsultant company

We believe that a successful start-up brand consulting company must be able to go deep into the start-up company to clarify the core value of the product, integrate multiple resources for the start-up company, and aim to stimulate customer purchasing behavior to achieve long-term business operation and growth.


We are committed to becoming your business partner, participating in the process of developing new brands, providing services such as brand positioning strategy, operation consulting, brand image design, digital marketing strategy, etc., to provide diversified and differentiated business strategies and Comprehensive solution.

Why        Why do new brand marketing?


A brand, like a person, has its own personality and its own story. A brand is a unique image that will pop up in consumers' minds when they think of you.


Today, consumers receive thousands of brand information every day. How to accurately invest resources for new brands to stand out in the market and enhance consumers’ impression and sense of brand recognition is naturally a new business enterprise. Primary subject.

what         _cc781905-5cde-3194- bb3b-136bad5cf58d_      _cc94-bbd8bcf58d__cc781905-136cde-badWhat is Startup Brand Marketing?


Brands are not just LOGO, packaging or design. Brands cover the experience and feelings that products or services bring to consumers. New brands must be differentiated and differentiated, so that consumers can have an impression on the new brand, and then generate Agree, willing to buy products or services from new startups.


New brand marketing is different from traditional brand marketing, especially focusing on amplifying product power, pursuing sales conversion, and enabling new startups to survive in the market with a minimum viable product (MVP).


Therefore, new brand marketing must accurately establish brand positioning, write brand stories that can resonate, and demonstrate the brand value of new startups through brand visual design, so as to bring unique feelings to consumers and leave a deep impression on consumers. impression.

How          _cc781905-5cde-3194 -bb3b-136bad5cf58d_       _cc75cf3-bbd-1-5cdeHow to do new brand marketing?


New brand marketing, including brand positioning, brand development, brand design three aspects.


For a new brand to enter the market, it must first clarify the brand image and tone of the new enterprise from the brand positioning and market insight; only after the brand positioning is clear, can it be extended to the visual design strategy.


Visual design focuses on a kind of communication. Effective communication is not just about "speaking well", but "speaking clearly"; only when visual design is clear can brand values be successfully conveyed to consumers.


Marketing should not only rely on advertising. Promotion is only one of the 4Ps of marketing. The advantage of a new brand is "new". To win consumers' recognition through new products and new connotations, it is necessary to communicate deeply with different ethnic groups to create resonance. , and only by doing a good job of overall brand planning, can we accurately and effectively establish a consistent influence in the minds of consumers.





Joseph Integrated Marketing Design provides overall brand planning, including LOGO design, CIS corporate identity planning, brand image design, overall VI design, commercial visual image, brand positioning strategy, extended packaging design, digital integrated marketing, and forward-looking brand design Planning to bring a new feeling to the brand.


We use specialized consultants in different fields to create a unique brand image for the enterprise. From each tiny design to the overall brand image, we can accurately communicate the consistent brand tone and value!

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