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Sun Yat-sen University Global Industry-University Operation and Promotion Office|Catalogue Design

[Introduction to the Industry-Academia Office of Sun Yat-sen University]

Sun Yat-sen University’s Global Industry-University Operations and Promotion Office is responsible for the two important tasks of “leading industry-university progress” and “deepening social care” in the Greater Kaohsiung area. It set a national precedent in 1999 and officially classified the industry-university operation unit as a first-level administrative center , integrating industry-university cooperation, intellectual property technology transfer, and innovation incubation business, hoping to transform knowledge energy into private productivity and lead the improvement of national competitiveness.

However, good technology also needs good presentation and good posts. In order to promote the research and development results, Sun Yat-sen University asked Joseph to help design the technical catalog of the research and development results, hoping to make a sound to the outside world through good design and create a resonance between the school and the enterprise.

【Joseph Design Concept】

Since the target audience of this catalog design is mainly the technology industry, "sense of technology" is the biggest appeal of this design.

However, a sense of science and technology is indeed expressed separately. Most B2B design appeals are a sense of science and technology. How a design company can accurately convey the unique technological characteristics of the enterprise and industry in the limited materials is a major issue.

Joseph proposed 3 catalog cover designs this time, all of which convey the ingenuity of "industry-university cooperation" and "technology combined with humanities" in design details, and in order to avoid the professional field being too blunt, we also include the research and development of professors on the inner pages The professor's face painting is added to the results to narrow the distance with the target audience.

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