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Company history



1. Team Features:

Joseph Integrated Marketing Design aims to provide customers with high-quality design products by integrating excellent designers, adopting the project manager system, and standardizing the design process SOP.


At the same time, Joseph's integrated marketing design emphasizes "designateddesigner” principle, emphasizing that the same designer, or the same design team, handles all the design projects of the same client, in order to achieve the control of the design level, the improvement of communication efficiency, and the establishment of tacit cooperation.


Joseph's integrated marketing design emphasizes the values of customer-oriented, on-time delivery, and integrity management, and is willing to be a loyal helper to customers, so that customers have no worries.


Joseph Integrated Marketing Design has a design style and design standard control system, so it can continue to provide design products with consistent standards and excellent styles.


2. Successful cases:


Joseph Integrated Marketing Design services well-known players such asWang Pin,Yiqi,harayaki,Terracotta House,voyage,Garmin.... and other well-known manufacturers, you can refer to the design works of more well-known companies and brands in the design case. Joseph Integrated Marketing Design is worthy of your trust!

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