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Yonghong Biotech|Bottle label design, packaging design, image design, shower gel packaging design

Shower gel packaging design elements:

1. Brand Identity

Logo: A clearly identifiable brand logo in a prominent position.

Color scheme: Colors that match your brand image and stand out on the shelf.

Font style: should be consistent and easy to read, matching the overall style of the brand image and product.

2. Visual design that attracts customers

Images and Graphics: Use attractive images and graphics to convey the scent or effect of your product.

Unique shape and structure: The physical shape of a package can be unique to highlight a brand or product feature.

3. Product information and function communication

Clear product name and features: Concisely describe the main functions and features of the product.

Ingredients List: For the conscious consumer, transparent listing of ingredients is crucial.

Instructions for use: A concise guide to help customers understand how to use the product.

4. Ease of use

Easy to open: Make sure the packaging is designed to be easy to open and use even in slippery bathroom environments.

Functional design: such as pump head or inverted bottle design to make it easier to control the portion and use of the product.

5. Texture and material selection

Tactile: Packaging materials should have a texture that conveys a sense of product quality.

Durability: Packaging materials should be sturdy, able to withstand humid conditions and protect the contents.

6. Environmental protection and sustainability

Recyclable materials: Use recyclable or biodegradable materials to reflect the brand’s environmental awareness.

Refillable packaging: Encourage the use of refillable packaging to reduce environmental impact.

7. Compliance

Labeling regulations: Comply with local and international labeling regulations, including information such as ingredients, date of manufacture, expiry date and more.

8. Market positioning

Target market: The design should be formulated based on the preferences of the target consumer group. For example, young consumers may prefer bright and interesting designs, while high-end markets may seek more refined and elegant packaging.

[Introduction to Yonghong Biotechnology]

Taiwan's largest animal pharmaceutical company Yonghong Biotechnology + a 60-year-old shower gel manufacturer jointly develop and manufacture!

In view of the uneven quality of bath products in the pet market, the two companies decided to work together to jointly develop a unique and efficient product that bridges the advanced technologies of animal health and human skin care.

Created by a professional team of veterinarians, pharmacists, beauticians, etc., a revolutionary pet care series "Seremine Phytoextract" was born. We focus on quality and safety, and our products are all added with precious silk protein and ceramides to repair the skin barrier, regulate moisture, and effectively restore damaged skin and hair.

It is customized for different skin types and adds natural plant extracts to provide rich nutrition and antioxidant effects, giving the hair a natural and healthy luster.

The fragrance is derived from plant-derived essential oils, which is natural and non-irritating. It is truly pet-friendly and provides the gentlest care for furry children.

[Joseph Design Concept]

Clear brand identification: The eye-catching brand name "Neurosilk Botanicals" on each bottle ensures that the brand will leave an impression in the minds of consumers.

Mild color choices: Use pastel shades such as pink and purple. These colors give a gentle, natural feel, which may be related to the product ingredients or the effects of use.

Simple icons and text: Simple icons and limited use of text make the overall design uncrowded and the information clear at a glance.

Highlighted functions: The “Repellent” and “Skin Repair” labels next to each bottle highlight the main functions of the product, allowing consumers to quickly understand the product’s selling points.

Unified design language: Although the colors vary, the same design layout maintains consistency across the entire product range.

Intuitive use: The pump head design means it is easy to use and suitable for the use environment of shower gel.

Environmentally friendly materials: Using dark glass bottles can reduce the impact of light on product ingredients, while also conveying concern for environmental responsibility.

Professional and natural image: Botanical illustrations on the bottle may indicate that the product contains natural ingredients, matching the word "Botanicals" to create a professional and close-to-nature image.

Yonghong Biotech|Bottle label design, packaging design, image design, shower gel packaging design
Yonghong Biotech|Bottle label design, packaging design, image design, shower gel packaging design

Yonghong Biotech|Bottle label design, packaging design, image design, shower gel packaging design
Yonghong Biotech|Bottle label design, packaging design, image design, shower gel packaging design






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