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UnionPay poster design|Bank poster, poster design, image design, advertising design

Key points of bank poster design:

Clear information hierarchy: Divide information into main titles, subtitles and detailed content to ensure a clear message hierarchy. The main message should be noticeable to the reader at first glance.

Eye-catching visual elements: Use eye-catching visual elements such as eye-catching images, bright colors, and attractive illustrations to increase the visual appeal of your poster.

Brand Consistency: Make sure the poster is consistent with the visual style of the bank’s brand, including colors, fonts and logos. This helps build brand recognition.

Clear call to action (CTA): Place a clear call to action on your poster that encourages readers to take action, such as opening an account, applying for a credit card, or learning more about investing and saving.

Modern Design Elements: Use modern design styles to avoid a dated look. This can include flat design elements, streamlined illustrations, and modern fonts.

Emphasis of important information: Use size, color, or graphics to emphasize important information, such as special rates, new products, or special promotions.

【UnionPay International】

UnionPay International is a subsidiary of China UnionPay responsible for operating international business. It uses its membership system to attract global partners, expand the UnionPay card overseas acceptance network, expand the issuance and use of UnionPay cards, carry out innovative cross-border payment applications, and enhance the international influence of the UnionPay brand. . Through cooperation with more than 2,500 institutions around the world, UnionPay's global card acceptance network has now extended to 181 countries and regions, and UnionPay cards have been issued in 79 countries and regions. UnionPay International is providing high-quality, efficient and secure cross-border payment services to the world's largest cardholder population, and providing increasingly convenient localized services to an increasing number of overseas UnionPay cardholders.

[Joseph Design Concept]

Color selection: Choose a dark background, such as dark gray, jet black or dark blue, to create a high-end feel. This color not only enhances the sense of dignity of the brand, but also helps to highlight the color of the food.

Sophisticated Images: Use high-quality and mouth-watering food images on your posters. The images should be clear and highlight the texture and color of the food. When choosing images, try to use high-resolution photos.

Premium fonts: Use elegant fonts, such as serif or cursive styles, to add a premium feel. Make sure the font is consistent with your brand style and remains readable.

Metallic elements: Add metallic elements to your design, such as gold or silver lines, borders, or titles. This can further emphasize the sense of luxury, as if you are enjoying a meal in a unique restaurant.

Abstract food illustrations: Abstract some food elements into simple illustrations as backgrounds or decorations. Not only does this add visual appeal, but it also conveys the theme of the food.

Food-Pairing Elements: Incorporate food-related elements into the design, such as cutlery, plates, or napkins, to further emphasize the theme of the poster.

Brand logo: Subtly integrate the credit card’s brand logo into the design to enhance the brand’s presence. This can be in a smaller way at the corners or at the bottom to keep the overall style balanced.

Promotional information: Clearly present credit card consumption benefits, including discount range, applicable restaurants and validity period. Use prominent fonts or icons to make this information easier to notice.

Exquisite typesetting: Use carefully designed typesetting to ensure that information is presented in an orderly and easy-to-read manner. Consider using columns, grids, or partitions to make the entire design look organized and professional.







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