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Cennuo Food|Food packaging, packaging design, image design, plain pine packaging design

Vegetarian furikake canned packaging design elements:

Material selection

Metal (aluminum cans, tin cans): suitable for long-term storage, recyclable, and environmentally friendly. The sturdiness of metal packaging also protects products well.

Glass: It has good transparency and is suitable for displaying products, but it is fragile and heavy, which may increase transportation costs.

Plastic: lightweight and low cost, but environmental issues need to be considered, preferably recyclable or biodegradable plastics.

size and shape

Customized according to product characteristics and target market needs, innovative shapes can increase recognition, but need to balance production costs and packaging efficiency.

closed system

Choose the appropriate closure method (screw cap, pull ring, pressure top cap, etc.), taking into account the preservation of product freshness, prevention of leakage, and ease of opening by consumers.

Label and graphic design

Label design needs to provide sufficient product information and convey the brand image. Color, font and image choices need to be consistent with the brand image and attract target consumers.


Choose recyclable or biodegradable materials to reduce the use of packaging materials and show the brand's environmental responsibility.

Ease of use

Consider the design of packaging that is easy to open, resealable, and convenient for pouring or measuring products to enhance the consumer experience.

[Joseph Design Concept]

Color Choice: Mild off-whites, light greens and oranges were chosen for this design. These shades give a natural, healthy feel, are ideal for vegan products, and convey a sense of affinity and stability.

Fonts and typography: The font selection on the packaging is clear and highly readable. The contrasting layout between Chinese and English is beneficial to cross-cultural brand recognition, and also shows that the product is willing to cater to the needs of users of different languages.

Graphic design: Botanical patterns on packaging may represent the natural and plant-based ingredients in the product, which fits well with the theme of the vegetarian product and reinforces the natural and pure image of the product.

Material sense: Judging from the gloss of the can body, the can is likely to be made of metal, which not only protects the product, but also conforms to the environmentally friendly concept of recycling.

Information transmission: The Chinese font on the label is prominent and can quickly convey the main selling points of the product. The back may contain more detailed product information and nutritional facts.

Sustainability: If the packaging uses recyclable materials, it should be clearly marked on the packaging so that consumers can identify the brand's environmental commitment.

Ease of use: Although the opening method cannot be directly judged from the picture, ease of opening and resealability are factors that cannot be ignored in packaging design to facilitate consumers' daily use.

Cennuo Food|Food packaging, packaging design, image design, plain pine packaging design
Cennuo Food|Food packaging, packaging design, image design, plain pine packaging design


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