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Team achievement

Su Feizhen Artistic Director




  • Children's Aesthetic Education (Tainan University of Science and Technology)

  • Topics in Art Education and Culture (Institute of Visual Arts, Chiayi University)


  • 2008 "Art. Afternoon. Creation Exhibition" - Curator

  • Chinese Art SchoolTeacher of Art Education Academy

  • 1992 Taiwan Art New Appearance Exhibition Graphic Creation

  • The 19th Nanying Art Exhibition - Ink and Wash

  • Kaohsiung City Artists Group Exhibition

  • Five-person group exhibition of Meishan Living Art Village, Chiayi County - Zero Interface


※Art Awards:

  • SecondTaoyuan Creation Award

  • Ceramic Art - Bronze Award (collected by Chiayi Christian Hospital)

  • Kaohsiung University of Hospitality and Tourism School Scene Sketch - 3rd place

  • Tainan University of Science and Technology Oil Painting Award - Best Choice

  • Tainan University of Science and Technology Ink Painting Award - Best

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