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German Trade Division|Catalogue Design

【Introduction of German Trade Division】

Demao is committed to improving the quality of industrial floors. It comes from a group of young construction teams with enthusiasm and persistence, learning and innovation. In the past, the German Trade Division saw generational faults in the construction industry. The craftsmanship of senior masters could not be passed on, and the new professions could not be connected. Therefore, it was determined to establish the German Trade Division to integrate and innovate various floor materials, and to provide excellent professions that are different from traditional ones. Thinking's floor solutions, now the team has spread all over Taiwan, mainland China, Southeast Asia and other regions, and it is an out-and-out light of Taiwan.

【Joseph Design Concept】

The German Trade Division is a continuous innovation team. It also launched two catalogs for the industrial floor and the artistic floor. We have developed two catalog designs with different styles according to the corporate color of the German Trade Division. Different customer groups have a better reading experience. Secondly, we have experienced two completely different brand characteristics of traditional professionalism and reform and innovation in Demao, so we also landed on the concept of catalog design.

After we actually walked into the world of flooring, we were also amazed at the professionalism of Demao. Demao provides tough, wear-resistant and beautiful floor solutions, just like the beauty we have seen in Demao. idiosyncratic. We believe that only by constantly improving and polishing professionally, and not letting go of the most difficult things, black hands can also become the brightest star.

German Trade Division|Catalogue Design
German Trade Division|Catalogue Design

German Trade Division|Catalogue Design
German Trade Division|Catalogue Design

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