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Jinya Industrial Product Catalog Design|Corporate Catalog Design

Golden Asia Industry mainly provides key components for air hydraulic cylinders - seamless steel pipes and shafts. The hollow design in the right hand represents the seamless steel pipe of Jinya Asia, and the solid bar design in the left hand represents the axis of the main product, the chrome-plated rod. With a steel pipe and an axis as the reference point, it supports the whole world and embraces it with both hands. Taking care of the earth is like the unanimous goal of all colleagues, hoping that the products can achieve the ideal of being deeply rooted in Taiwan and blooming all over the world.

Joseph integrated marketing design this time to make three directional visual concepts for Golden Asia's industrial vision.

Section A - Design Concept

Gold Asia's products are used in hydraulic equipment in many engineering fields, in order to come up with the concept of "the driving force behind the city", using the city as a visual embellishment, and expressing the modern spirit of King Asia with the slogan of concrete modern design Promote it.

*The special feature of this proposal is that a new slogan was thought up to echo the cityscape behind it, explaining that the products of Gold Asia are officially the driving force behind the bustling city.

Type B - Design Concept

According to Gold Asia’s steel pipe tubular products, the cross-section: a circle is used as the idea, and the intersection of three circles is used as the main vision, which symbolizes Gold Asia’s excellent technology, outstanding service and competitive price, and refines a concrete and competitive product. The product.

Type C - Design Concept

The typography strives to be simple and neat, presenting necessary information in a style that does not lose texture. The current silver presentation is embedded in the picture. If you want to print out the texture in the future, you need to use the full cover "hot silver" or directly use "silver foil cardboard" as the base printing.

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