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JHONG JHENG Orthopedics | Medical Industry Catalog Design

Jhong Jheng Orthopedics adheres to the "patient-centered" medical service concept, provides patients with safe, comfortable, spacious medical treatment environment, efficient service quality and high-quality medical care, with world-class orthopedic surgery technology and excellent internal medicine Surgical treatment experience, providing the best quality of service for patients.

Joseph integrated marketing design to provide Jhong Jheng Orthopedics with medical catalog design, through the visually obvious, double-page cover and back cover design, to convey the core professional and corporate image of Jhong Jheng Orthopedics. Clearly convey the mission and core services of the hospital through an organized and chapter-specific inner page design. In addition, Joseph provides printing output services, through the recommendation of paper and the selection of processing, so that the catalog as a whole has the purpose of effective communication.

The design content of the hospital catalog is as follows (you can click the left and right buttons to view the inner pages):


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