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LIAN-TA-HSING Catalog Design|Textile Catalog Design

LIAN-TA-HSING INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. Group's Taiwan parent company - the main business item is the textile printing and dyeing industry. LIAN-TA-HSING Co., Ltd. was founded in Taiwan in 2003, focusing on the dyeing and finishing technology of various knitted fabrics. In response to the deepening of the knitting supply chain, Lian Daxing also reinvested in Vietnam in 2016 to set up an automated knitted fabric weaving and dyeing and finishing production base to serve customers locally.

The visual concept of Joseph's integrated marketing design this time is a textile enterprise catalogue, using knitting elements combined with leaves that symbolize environmental protection images to create Lian-Ta-Hsing's mission of sustainable development. And the use of lively and free color matching shows the diversity of fabrics and also symbolizes Lian-Ta-Hsing's customized service. Continuing the mission of Lian-Ta-Hsing textile industry to undertake the mission of sustainable development, and continue to strive to develop technologies such as energy saving, environmental protection, recycling and reuse to protect the earth and continue to become the designated manufacturing service brand of brand owners around the world.

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