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The overall design of the logo of Japanese cuisine in Ichigo Ichie|Simple version of CI

Ichigo Ichie(Washoku): Cherish this gathering, there is only one chance in a lifetime. Seasonal ingredients.

The reason why it is named Ichigo Ichie is that beyond the tea ceremony, this meaning can be extended to a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. The present time will not come again, so it must be cherished.

I hope that every customer, when they come to dine, can have a wonderful dining experience in a lifetime, and finally can bring a satisfied and happy mood.

Joseph created the overall CIS, VI and other storefront planning and design of this series of logos in accordance with the brand concept of Ichigo Ichie, and a Japanese image once in a lifetime.


art at the table

Japanese cuisine is very particular about ingredients, sauces and utensils for serving food. The desire to face cooking is like creating art. Combined with the general public's impression of cooking tableware, it is presented in an abstract way, which also represents the diversity of the brand's main meals. s Choice.


Concentrate on

Taking the spirit of Ichigo Ichie and concentrating on cooking and guests, the design is based on the word 丼, because the Japanese word meaning of 丼 is the concept of "bowl food", and the staple food is rice, so the image of rice is combined! And the frame is like a well, expressing the concept of single-mindedness! In addition, it can be combined with different series of meals to replace rice with other ingredients as a dynamic LOGO for classification.

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