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New Zealand Voyance Vision Health Food Packaging Design|Product Design|Color Box Design

This time, Joseph helped the New Zealand United Health Company in New Zealand to design a brand-new vision care product, Voyance Natural Vision Health Food, with color box design and aluminum bag visual design.

A design concept

The contrast between metal and blue expresses the effectiveness and professionalism of the product, and the overall design is neat and clear. Among them, the feature of lutein absorbing blue light is designed as a visual element that blue light gradually disappears, and the color of the blue light range is selected.

The design concept of section B

The main body is in white to present a professional sense of health care, and the bright yellow-green embellishment can be intuitively associated with lutein. With geometric lines to express the professional sense of function. The floating eyes in vision, together with the circular shape, are images that symbolize eyes, vision care and lutein.

C design concept

The overall design is geometrically rational and has a more western feel.

Gradient dots are used as the main vision to convey the image of blue light shielding, and the structure of lutein is added to the back for embellishment. In the design, the dots from large to small symbolize the image of blocking blue light. The green gradient symbolizes lutein, and the small icon in the package emphasizes the characteristics of New Zealand.

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