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National Kaohsiung University|Campus posters, poster design, image design, advertising design

Key points of Kaohsiung University poster design:

Theme highlights:

Make sure the subject of your poster is clearly identifiable to capture the attention of your target audience. The theme may be a special event, admissions promotion, campus cultural event, etc.

Selection of color:

Use Kaohsiung University’s primary colors to maintain consistent visual identity. This could be the color of the school's logo, ensuring the overall style matches the school's image.

Clear information hierarchy:

Use clear titles, subtitles, and body copy to ensure a clear hierarchy of information so your audience can quickly understand what, when, and where your event is.

Attractive pictures:

Use high-quality, engaging images that are relevant to the event or topic while capturing the attention of your target audience.

Font selection:

Choose a font that is easy to read and consider whether the font style matches the school's image. Make sure the title stands out and the text is clear and easy to understand.

[Introduction to National Kaohsiung University]

"National Kaohsiung University" is a "newly" established university that was "not" renamed, "not" restructured into the technical vocational system, and "established in 2000". Currently located in a comprehensive or technical vocational college in Kaohsiung City

[Joseph Design Concept]

Campus Integration:

The campus scenery of Kaohsiung University is integrated into the design to show the beautiful campus scenery to enhance the school's appeal.


Use school emblems, logos or specific symbolic patterns to emphasize the characteristics and values ​​of the school so that viewers can immediately identify it as a poster of Kaohsiung University.

The theme of the event reflects:

Integrate the theme of the event into the entire design. This can be a unique pattern, color or cultural element to make the overall style consistent with the theme.

Vibrant colors:

Choose bright colors that match the school color or event theme to make the poster more visually eye-catching while maintaining the brand consistency of Kaohsiung University.

Campus life presents:

Show campus life through vivid and interesting pictures or illustrations to resonate with the audience, especially when the target audience is students.

National Kaohsiung University|Campus posters, poster design, image design, advertising design


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