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Mitsubishi Elevator| Banner design

Mitsubishi ElevatorBanner design points:

Banner ads have limited space, so keep your message short and to the point. Choose a strong slogan or message and present it in a clear, readable font. Avoid using too much text to clutter the message. Use high-quality elevator images to showcase your products. The images are clear, eye-catching and in line with the overall design style. Display different types of elevators, such as commercial buildings, residential buildings or hotels, to showcase the diversity of your company. Grab your audience's attention. Use vibrant colors, contrast, and imagery to create strong visuals.

【Mitsubishi Elevatorintroduce】

Taiwan Mitsubishi Elevator aims to provide "safety, security, and comfort" elevators as its mission, and is committed to bringing more convenient and comfortable moving space to users, and improving technology, service, and creativity with heart, so as to achieve vitality and prosperity. contribute to society.

【Joseph Design Philosophy】

The color choice of yellow can convey a sense of vitality and comfort, highlighting the elevator as an essential element of modern life. Pair yellow with other neutral tones or warm colors to create a warm, cozy design atmosphere, presenting modern and innovative elevator technology through illustrated elements and key visual images. Depict advanced control systems, intelligent functions, or environmental protection and energy saving features to attract a target audience interested in technological developments.

Use blue as the main color to express the vibe and feel of the city. Often associated with the modern city, technology, cleanliness and professionalism, blue can create an image of modernity and efficiency. Show the characteristics of the modern city with a simple design style. Choose visual elements that are clear, straight and modern, and use simple and clear typography and fonts. Emphasize technological innovation and modern elevator functions. Delineate the characteristics of modern elevators such as intelligent control systems, data monitoring, and energy-saving technologies to highlight the company's technological advantages

Mitsubishi Elevator| Banner design
Mitsubishi Elevator| Banner design

Mitsubishi Elevator| Banner design
Mitsubishi Elevator| Banner design


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