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【Introduction of Laerfu Convenience Store】

In recent years, the transformation of supermarkets has accelerated. Not only have services become more diversified, but digital integration has also deepened, not to mention that image design has become more and more important.

Especially with the rise of food delivery, consumers have more convenient new choices, which has also impacted the supermarket ecology. Convenience stores are not only convenient, but also bring higher value to consumers. This time Laierfu Convenience stores upgrade the packaging design of chocolate bread in order to get rid of the traditional impression of the past, hoping to bring consumers a higher-end product experience.

【Joseph Design Concept】

When you think of chocolate, what image comes to your mind?

What we think of are various types of chocolates, such as black forest cake, chocolate chips, chocolate syrup, the beauty of chocolate cannot be limited, so we also exceed what Lylefu wants, and provide 5 design proposals at a time , hoping to develop various possibilities of chocolate with Laerfu, and the result also surprised Laerfu, because each design has its own characteristics, and it is difficult to make a decision at the moment.

If it were you, which packaging design would you choose? Let us know! We also want to develop the possibilities of chocolate together with you.

In addition to chocolate bread, there is also a series of double-filled bread to extend the vision: strawberry cheese, pop pudding.

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