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Lemo Cat Food|logo design, packaging design

【Introduction to Lemo】

The two founders of Lemo are out-and-out cat slaves, and they entered the cat food market because they raised cats. Considering that most cat food are imported brands, the labels are often unclear, and they do not even meet the preparation standards of the AAFCO American Feed Quality Control Association. Therefore, I hope to create an excellent local brand in Taiwan, and the majority of AirPlus cat owners can buy it with peace of mind.

There are three characteristics of Lemo. First, genuine products made in Taiwan. Second, they are open and transparent and strictly controlled, and the test results are fully disclosed. Third, they are healthy and delicious, with high meat and water content, and highly palatable formula. AAFCO standard.

Lemo not only cares about the palatability of cat food, but also cares about whether every piece of meat the cat eats can supplement the necessary nutrients, because only a healthier and carefree diet can make cats healthier by our side and create a better life. What a warm memory.

【Joseph Design Concept】

Most of Joseph's design team have experience in raising cats, so they are particularly fond of Lemo, and hope to contribute to the territory of the cat empire. In the logo design, we focus on satisfying cats' happiness, with a lively and energetic style, The logo design combines the round back of the cat with the English font of LOVE MORE, which symbolizes the cat’s desire for delicious food and the happiness of a full stomach, which is the best love the owner can give to the cat. In the packaging design, we use the concept of comics with flavor illustrations to present, It expresses the amazement and interest of cats discovering food, and is matched with lively and highly saturated colors. The packaging design is mainly presented with illustrations, which is different from other cat food packaging design styles and deepens the impression of consumers.

Lemo Cat Food|logo design, packaging design
Lemo Cat Food|logo design, packaging design

Lemo Cat Food|logo design, packaging design
Lemo Cat Food|logo design, packaging design

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