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Jin Chaoli eXthree|Badminton racket design

【Introduction to Jinchaoli eXthree】

Jin Chaoli eXthree is a well-known brand in the badminton world, but many people don't know that he is actually from Kaohsiung. Jin Chaoli eXthree has always been known for its high C/P value. Although there are not many advertising exposures, it has launched many good offensive and defensive rackets. As a Taiwanese brand, Jin Chaoli eXthree is just like the Taiwanese, simple and down-to-earth, always working silently, shining silently, the products are full of potential, and the price is very affordable.

【Joseph Design Concept】

The badminton racket market can be said to be contested by a hundred schools of thought, and the products are constantly being introduced, which is full of changes. In order to increase the recognition of badminton rackets, all brands are racking their brains and trying their best to seize the hearts of consumers.

The badminton racket design is different from the visual design of the plane. Firstly, many details have to be considered in the design. For example, the volume of the cue stick and the ball frame are very small. How to design patterns in a small volume is a big challenge. It is not easy to convert the pattern and the three-dimensional pattern. The designer must first consider the three-dimensional presentation of the pattern on the tubular club and the flat ball frame. The complexity is very high.

Jin Chaoli eXthree|Badminton racket design
Jin Chaoli eXthree|Badminton racket design

Joseph Design considered a lot of details when conceiving, such as the matching of color and pattern, the conversion of three-dimensional and two-dimensional, static and dynamic presentation, etc., hoping to live up to the trust of customers, and finally we proposed 5 models, of which D The bird screen was selected. We use flowing lines as a visual expression of dynamics. The overall design is simple and strong with colors, which has won the favor of customers.

Pentium (Pentium) is the name of this racket. We sincerely hope that Jin Chaoli eXthree can continue to launch more masterpieces, just like a galloping horse, so that Taiwanese brands can continue to shine in the sports world.

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