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Fir Forest Gourd Art|banner design, website design

【Introduction to the art of fir forest gourd】

Shanlin Gourd Mr. He is an uncompromising artist.

Mr. He has devoted himself to the creation of gourd crafts for dozens of winters and summers. This road is difficult and difficult. First of all, it is difficult to grow a good gourd. Second, each gourd is a unique creation. In terms of cultural heritage, in terms of artistic connotation, in terms of knife craftsmanship, and in terms of hard work on the tip of the needle.

Mr. He pondered on the gourd day and night, created works of art, creative daily necessities, environmental protection products, combined with scientific and technological products, etc., vigorously promoted the art of gourds, and wanted more people to know that Shanlin's gourds are very different. The teacher's story of promoting local art is really an honor for Joseph.

【Joseph Design Concept】

Website and banner design is a very small part of website design, and the cost is not high, but it is not an easy task for a teacher - a talented, persistent and patient artist to design websites and banners.

Joseph proposed 2 banner designs this time, trying to achieve the most elegant design with the most refined materials. Mr. He wants the public to know that the gourds in Shanlin are very different, and Joseph also wants our customers to know that website design is not a template Groups can be assembled together, and the delicate design can also make the website vision very different.

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