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ANZER | Logo Design, CIS Design | Automation, find Answer, find Anshuo!

[Introduction to ANZER]

In the era of Global Industry 4.0, Kaohsiung's industrial transformation has become a top priority, but when most people talk about Industry 4.0, they still focus on hardware and technology. Mr. Zhang from ANZER let us understand that the focus of Industry 4.0 is actually concepts and processes. Reinvention of the landing experience.

ANZER has 10 years of practical experience and is good at control system development, graphic control software writing, mechanism design, equipment maintenance and installation, robotic arm integration application, control circuit design and high and low voltage panel wiring, all of which can provide customers with the most complete solutions. Consulting and services, if you have automation needs, find Answer, find ANZER!

【Joseph Design Concept】

Although ANZER has a wide range of services, Mr. Zhang's concept of communication is very simple - "ANZER is the best solution for customers", so from the brand name to the logo design, "Answer" is included. Joseph proposed a total of four models, the fourth one that Mr. Zhang liked was our favorite - Anshuo Zhidong is your best (tick) solution, and Anshuo Zhidong has 18 kinds of martial arts. , from A scheme to Z scheme, you can choose and build it for you. If you have automation needs, find Answer, find ANZER!

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