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SIVUCH® Walrus brand correction wax back card design|Packaging design|Blister design|Product design|

"Make your smile more perfect."

A perfect smile must be accompanied by a mouthful of beautiful teeth. Having beautiful teeth makes us more confident, energetic and attractive. To have an impeccable smile, there is no doubt that you must first have a perfect set of teeth. SIVUCH® Dental Professional Waxes - First in quality, first in handling. Taking the concept of SIVUCH® walrus brand of Lianglin Industrial brand as the design concept, Joseph created two different styles of medical packaging for SIVUCH® walrus brand - the design of corrective wax back cards.

Vision A

The name of the medical packaging is clear and convenient for consumers to identify the product. The name of the product is designed with free and smooth strokes, showing the characteristics of corrective wax molding. The performance of the intermediate braces is to attract consumers at the first sight. The vision of the medical packaging can clearly present the function of the product and increase public awareness. The surface of the box in wax is designed in white monochrome, and the overall wax box color of the box is the same fresh green as the back card. The bottom row of image design strengthens the characteristic description, and the bright green background color expresses the soothing feeling of mint, which can be distinguished from other flavors in the future with adjustable background color.

Vision B

Another type of medical packaging follows the method of Visual A to change and adjust the product name and text, which is clear and convenient for consumers to identify the product. The metallic icon emphasizes the main features of the product. The golden triangular rhombus block in the middle not only presents the whiteness of the teeth, but also enhances the characteristic description of the image design. The focus of this medical packaging is the corrective wax in the right tooth, which attracts consumers' vision at first sight, clearly presents the function of the product, increases public awareness, highlights the standard knife mold, and strengthens the impression. The base color is a blue-green gradient design, which adds a soft and soothing image of corrective wax.

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