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Huada Milk Tea Art Museum Concept Store|Event Planning, Event Recording, Event Live Streaming

【Introduction to Huada Milk Tea】

Which is the best milk tea you've ever had? I believe that as long as Kaohsiung locals, nine out of ten will recommend Huada milk tea.

Huada Milk Tea was established in 1982, which is the memory of growing up with many Kaohsiung people. Although it is an old brand, it has new ideas. Huada Milk Tea opened a new brand concept store in the museum this time, in addition to continuing the spirit and quality of the original brand In addition, it also wants to create a wider consumer group and even create new brand value.

【Joseph Design Concept】

The new brand concept store is like a part of brand re-engineering. We believe that brand re-engineering is different from the concept of brand-new brand design. Brand re-engineering must make good use of existing assets. In addition to image renewal, it must also be implemented into user experience.

For Joseph, the focus of holding a brand concept store opening event for Huada Milk Tea is not only the integration of software and hardware, but also the brand, public relations, marketing, publicity and other aspects in order to maximize the effect of community communication.

Joseph planned the opening event for Huada Milk Tea, including event planning, event recording, event live broadcast and event hosting. It only took 3 working days from receiving the demand to completing the event planning. We will try our best to connect all resources and integrate the virtual and real online and offline in order to maximize the publicity effect of Huada Milk Tea.

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