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What can Google Adwords do for you?

Attract more customers

Whether you want to attract new visitors to your website, increase online sales, get phone calls, or increase customer return, Google AdWords can help.

Timely contact with target customers

People can find your business the moment they search for your products and services on Google.

Local or global promotion

Target your ads to serve to customers in certain countries, regions, or cities, or to customers within a certain distance of your business or store.

Visible ad performance

1. The conversion cost is reduced to 20% of the original

For a B2B industry customer, in the 15 months of advertising operations, the conversion cost calculated by "potential customer consultation" has dropped from 937 yuan per conversion to 198 yuan per conversion, which is only 20% of the original

2. Conversion rate increased by 300%

For a B2B industry customer, in the 14 months of advertising operations, the conversion rate calculated by "prospective customer consultation" increased from 4% to 12%, and the conversion rate increased by 3 times.

​You need a marketing team with practical experience

Joseph Integrated Marketing Design provides professional and practical advertising services, can provide customized suggestions for your business and brand, and help you convert potential customers who are searching for keywords into your customers, thereby enhancing your business. Turnover.

​Limited time offer

1. Free account opening fee of 3,000 yuan.
2. Provide a three-month "advertising agency fee" discount.
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